unfortunately we can’t survive alone

This series delves into the intricate dynamics of human relationships, exploring the delicate balance between closeness and distance within various relationship structures. Inspired by my own yearning for interpersonal connection and the complexities inherent in human bonds, unfortunately we can’t survive alone captures the essence of intimacy across different contexts – from romantic relationships to familial ties, friendship and beyond.

Central to my artistic exploration is a theoretical foundation rooted in philosophical and sociological perspectives. Drawing inspiration from the works of female thinkers such as Eva Illouz, Şeyda Kurt and bell hooks, I delve into the intricacies of human interaction, dissecting the interplay between public and private spheres in context of emotional connections. By juxtaposing intimate moments with broader societal constructs, my series invites viewers to contemplate the signifcance of connection in an increasingly fragmented world. Furthermore, the realization that we cannot survive as individuals alone and the associated recognition of our dependencies go beyond photographic documentation. Through accompanying interviews, I provide insights into the inner life of the relationships depicted. By focussing on the complexity of human relationships, I hope to contribute to a wider discussion about intimacy, vulnerability and the enduring power of relationships.