How does image content behave to text, how can AI extend or reinterpret data?

The project shows a variation of how imagesand text can be combined and transformed through various AI tools, machine learningalgorithms and experimentation through editing and reprasentation techniques same as analysis of the data core.Manipulation and analysation, in order to create new works that blur the boundaries between the different approaches with data. 

The intention is to create a body of work that reflects the process of data metamorphosis.Each work is seen as a fragment that is deformed and transformed through the process, leadingto new levels and questioning the finality of the work itself.

Publisher | Responsible for Content & Edit                             Annika Schönfeldt

Design | Edit                                                                            Giuseppe Defilippis

Supervisor                                                                               Christian Schreckenberger | Attila Piller

With words by                                                                          Daniel Schlak and Clarissa Walter

And a collaborative Project by                                                 Jonathan Heitkämper & Annika Schönfeldt

Edition | Publication Date                                                        Printed in May 2023, Vienna, Austria

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